PE & Pet Flacons

Pardis Plast Kavir, manufacturer of pharmaceutical containers, through the actions of the research and development and marketing unit, It is a producer of products that are suitable for all the needs of pharmaceuticals in Iran and outside the country. The high quality and variety of Pardis Plast products can be searched through the reliable customers of this company.

Quality Control Equipped Laboratory

The quality control unit of Pardis Plast is responsible for the quality and microbial control of the product from the beginning of production to the time of assembly and packaging, benefiting from the most up-to-date facilities and devices in the world.
This unit also uses equipped laboratories with control devices. Providing a variety of top quality products in the shortest time in order to satisfy the customer, understanding the needs of consumers, such as product quality and safety, is one of the main features of this unit from Pardis Plast .

Quality Certificates GMP & ISO

Pardis Plast Kavir Packaging Industries, a manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging containers and plastic parts using high-quality raw materials and GMP conditions, has been operating since 2010 with the aim of serving the huge pharmaceutical industry of the country. Also, this company is the first GMP certificate holder among pharmaceutical companies, which is among the most reliable and long-standing pharmaceutical packaging manufacturing companies in the country.

Consulting services, design and manufacturing of exclusive containers.

Pardis Plast Kavir Company aims to improve the level of packaging of pharmaceutical products, With the cooperation of specialized teams of research and development units and marketing of pharmaceutical collections, After receiving the concept of the container or packaging piece, it is ready to design the mold according to the customers needs. After the approval of the mold making process with modern technology, the production of industrial molds begins

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